About My Gardening Efforts

This topic is about my attempts to garden in my home, front, and backyard. I want to grow native plants to attract insects, bees, and birds. I also want to grow herbs and veggies all year long. Here is my story.

joe's garden in Burlingame
Harvesting Zucchini – 2021

Late winter Things to Do in the garden

It is mid-February, and we have a warm sunny day. Today, in the Insect Garden, I am pruning my roses and pulling up some old, tired-looking plants. February is an excellent time to prune any overgrown plant. Check out one or more of the many YouTube videos on how to prune specific plants, trees, etc.

It is also time to plant tomatoes and other vegetable seeds. Growing seeds required special soils, a grow light, and other items. I like Joe Gardener website to learn how to grow tomatoes from seeds.

The Obelisk

For this year’s tomato growing season, I made two Obelisks to act as a trellis for my tomatoes. Many YouTube videos will show you how. Here is my first attempt at the Obelisk. I still need to paint it and make the second Obelisk. Stay tuned.

obelisk for tomato
My obelisk for 2023 tomato plant