Kirkland Signature Malbec

The Kirkland Malbec is one of the Costco wine department’s most prized, inexpensive wines. Vintage after vintage, the wine tastes delicious and is a wine bargain hunter’s delight. The price is a mere $6.99. It is worth twice that price in terms of taste and quality. For points, if I must, 88 Points. On the neck of the bottle, on the foil, is a stamp of a 91 Point rating by the esteemed wine critic James Suckling.

When I spot the Kirkland Malbec at Costco, I don’t hesitate to stock up on several bottles. This mild Malbec is a versatile companion for a variety of foods, making it a perfect choice for weeknight meals. Whether it’s pasta with a rich red sauce or a light pesto flavoring, this Malbec complements the dish beautifully. Grilled chicken, a summer staple, is elevated with a glass of this Malbec. And who can resist a slice of pizza, made even more delicious with this wine?

By the way, the Malbec is from the Mendoza area of Argentina. The climate is desert-like and has a high altitude. That geography translates into a great wine-growing region.

A Joe Becerra recommended wine

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