Sourdough Pizza Recipe

I tried a new sourdough pizza dough recipe and it is now my favorite recipe. I found the recipe on the Food 52 Website. The recipe is by Sarah Owens and makes two 10 to 12 dough balls. I previously tried Sarah’s recipe from her book, Sourdough. This one on Food 52 is much better in my humble opinion. 

After one night retarding in the frig, I used one dough ball to make a pizza. I left the other dough ball in for one full week. That usually is not a good idea. However, the dough ball was even better than the week before. Go figure!

This is the link to the Sarah Owens recipe for pizza dough on Food 52.

The title of the recipe is Salad Pizza with Mushrooms & Mozzarella. I just used the dough recipe and made my topping a mushroom only pizza. 

Dough recipe by Sarah Owens

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